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The next two entries will be about fake watches because my parents just returned from a trip to China. So one night in their hotel, their tour guide knocked on their door and introduced them to a man who was selling fake watches. Of course, the salesman said they were Authentic Imitation watches. Evidently, in the fake watch industry, they have grades of fake watches. Dad bought this fake Rolex Datejust (I call it a Fauxlex), which was graded as a A Super + imitation. I assume that means it is a high grade imitation. Although I am no Rolex expert and not that fond of real Rolex watches, there are a number of things that one can see upon closer inspection that this watch is fake. First, just looking at the watch from across the table, it looks real. I imagine just a fleeting glimpse or seeing it on someone arm, it would not strike one as fake. However, when I picked it up, I realized that the watch was too light. The bracelet especially, seemed too light for a Rolex. Although the links in the bracelet are solid, they seem too light for a high-end bracelet. Even I know that Rolex marks their bracelet clasps, so in the picture above, one can see that the Rolex logo and hallmarks look okay, but they are not deeply engraved. Rather, they look almost like very poor laser engraving. I was impressed with the watch crystal, which had the Rolex crown engraved in the 6:00 fake watches position, like a real Rolex. Dad also told me that this A Super + fake has a sapphire crystal, which I suppose could be true. The hands are slightly wrong for this model. The real Rolex hands taper and a bit skinnier. Really, the hands are less chunky on the Real Rolex and are better proportioned. I was sort of impressed with the caseback sticker. While not a true-3D type sticker that Rolex uses, this fake 3D type sticker actually looked pretty good. Lastly, the bracelet has large gap between the end links attached to the case and the bracelet itself. Rolex would never allow that kind of gap. I won even mention all the little things one case see with 5x magnification loupe. The rough edges in the finish, the sloppy paint work on the date number subdial, even dust trapped between the crystal and cyclops when it was glue down. I adjusted the bracelet (something that shouldn have been that easy) for Dad, so I think he intends to wear it around. I interested inknowing how long the watch lasts. It has that annoying grating sound that Chinese automatic movements sometimes have when the rotor turns. So at least I know the watch has a mechanical movement rather than quartz guts. Next up, the dad bought for me!

This Fake Rolex is wearable art via the artist Shelter Serra. I love to be pretentious and explain the cultural significance of this art piece (I tried briefly with my mom, who then went on to show me her $8 real watch that looked exactly like my $40 fake watch) but honestly I don know if this even looks like an actual Rolex. I don care. I never use my real watches for telling time anyway. They always more an accessory. So the way I see it, I invested in a bracelet, that looks like a watch. Born in 1972, Serra studied studio art at the University of California at Santa Cruz and received a Master of Fine Art from the Rhode Island School of Design. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally at galleries including Cystem Gallery (Tokyo), Space 1026 (Philadelphia), Perry Rubenstein Gallery (New York), and Renwick Gallery (New York).

Copping the black one as. I. type.

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A silver pocket watch is something other pieces of jewellery are usually not: it can be timeless. Pocket watches will be the quite epitome of elegance. They are strapless, and they sport traditionally analog displays. However not generally a present feature, silver pocket watches normally possess a hinged cover to shield the watch encounter. Fobs or pocket watch chains are generally present to safe the timepiece to a waistcoat, belt loop, or lapel. Most antique pocket watches

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