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First I was bothered with ALOT of static sound emitting from the Headset, which was gone when I unplugged the jackplug from my sound-card. The headset now works fine, and there is no static sound what-so-ever, but unplugging the jack removes functionalities which the headset has. It removes alot of bass, and the amplifier (or controller) gets useless.

So basicly I HAVE to plug the jack.

Now my static is back, and some of it seems related to actually using software. Sound funny, I know, but I can clearly hear a hissing-sound (along with the static), and a quite thin, high pitch squeach when I move my mouse-pointer around, and a more deeper tone when I scroll down pages, and sol republic stuff like that.

Some of it seems related to the Microphone, which I am unable to shut off in any manner, except for the button on the controller. Any setting in Windows will not shut it off, and I can hear myself at all times, no matter what. I've tried different setting, making that and that the Default device, but nothing seems to be working.

Been googling around, and it seems the static noise is somewhat hardware related, and more precise my Realtek HD Audio On-board soundcard. There are numerous sol republic tracks hd fixes for this problem, the sad thing is that you have to test most of them to get to the fix that will work for you. People with Gigabyte MB's have had positive results in uninstalling any Gigabyte sound-related software.

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